Specialist training in 11 plus entrance examinations. A whole new way of learning!

Pillai Tutors is a highly successful, dedicated and committed coaching service, giving your child the very best training in preparation for their primary to secondary school entrance exams. Founded and run by Manjusha Pillai, Pillai Tutors aims to provide top-quality tutoring and coaching to students for the 11+ entrance exams to various Grammar and Independent schools in and around the Croydon, Sutton and Bromley areas.

If you need an 11+ tutor who is sincere, hard-working and promises to help bring out the best in your child, look no further!

Manjusha not only specialises in teaching 10+ and 11+ subjects of Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal reasoning but also motivates and prepares the child for the exams by creating and developing tailor-made learning plans for students.

Students will develop strong bonds with the teacher and fellow students which in turn make them confident.

Unlike other tutors, she takes a novel approach in training the students by cementing the basic building blocks, creating a solid foundation, cultivating excellent organisational skills and developing speed, rigour and self-esteem to face the competitive examinations of the real world.

With a detailed and meticulously drawn syllabus and learning system, your child is sure to improve and succeed. They will not only be ahead of the race but also have fun every step of the way.

Manjusha doesn¹t believe in pressurising the students and cramming the information just for the purpose of passing the tests. This may lead to the students struggling to cope in their secondary school life. Instead, she structures the 11+ training in a way that the students get a thorough basic foundation in each subject on which she then builds the test modules.

Parents undergo undue stress, hence Manjusha provides guidance and support to parents in abundance, in her own time and at free of cost. Manjusha takes care of putting their fears at bay; setting realistic expectations right from the commencement of the journey.

Children enjoy the lessons and bond with each other, wanting to come back the next week for more.


Your child’s wellbeing is more important to us than them passing their 11 plus exam. You may not realise it but the 11 plus journey can get extremely stressful for most kids. Some may be good at showing their stress but others may be better at hiding it for fear of not letting their parents and teachers down. Mental health is so often overlooked which can have dire consequences. This is where we can help. We have staff who are qualified and experienced in working with children to improve their mental wellbeing. They teach breathing techniques to cope with anxiety, meditation and tapping.

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