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Kristen Johnson

I found Manju right here on Netmums after reading all the reviews and I am glad I did because it was the best decision I’ve made with regards to my child’s education. Manju is a dedicated teacher and has a genuine love for her students encouraging them at every level to ensure they reach their potential. She is firm honest and always has the child’s best interest at heart. I found that she always had time to talk about the lessons and how my son was doing and where to improve. I highly recommend her to anyone considering the 11+. I’ve never seen my child so eager to do homework and he still asks if he can go back to Manju – he starts year 7 this September at his first choice! Don’t forget it’s also a stressful time for us parents as well and I found her advice very helpful.

Ratidzai Chimbaira

My dd went to Manju for her 11 plus tutions and I am so glad I sent her to Manju! The best thing about Manju is that like other 11 plus tutors out there who are just after charging you lots and lots of money and least bothered about giving the right attention to the child, Manju caters to every child’s’ individual needs. She makes sure every child understands each and everything.
From day one, she figured out where my dd needed help, where she was struggling and where she required her help and support. And within few weeks, my dd showed amazing results in her mock exams. Manju provided unlimited 11 plus resources to best prepare my daughter for her exams.
Apart from English and Maths tutoring, Manju is a lovely person. My dd enjoyed every lesson with her.
Thank you Manju for all your help and support. My daughter’s admission in the grammar school wouldn’t have happened without your help!!
I would highly recommend Manju to all year 5 students!

Afsheen Qamar

My dd went to Manju for her 11+ coaching and I must say I admire Manju’s patience and hard work. Manju’s teaching approach was entirely different to other tutors in the area in that she structurally followed all the topics for almost a year before moving on to practice papers and this has helped my dd with all the foundation that was needed. My dd started reached a very high level at the end of this. I am very pleased with the way she motivated and worked with my dd to achieve her targets. She had provided all the information needed, a lot of practice papers, feedback after the lessons etc. Overall parent + teacher + student partnership was effective and helped us achieve my dd place at the top grammar school in the area.
I recommend Manju because she is dedicated and very committed to what is best for your child. Totally recommend her.. Thanks Manju for all the help.. really appreciate it.

Nileesha Bojjawar

Manju’s been a great tutor for my son. When my son started with her 1.5 years before the exams, we were very worried about him getting to a grammar school as we recently relocated to UK from our home country.whole education system was new for us but with Manju’s lessons, he improved a lot and now he has secured a place in Sutton Grammar School.She is very organised. She provided plenty of study material to keep him on track. Her after lesson feedbacks helped us a lot to identify his weaknesses and work on that. Her maths techniques were easy to understand and helped him. She stressed a lot on comprehension. Overall it’s been a great experience and we are happy to recommend Manju. Manju, thanks for your help.

Sameer Pawar

We are thankful to Manju for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning and appreciation for hard work. My son’s grammar school admission wouldn’t be possible without her expertise.

Shyama Dev