Year 5

Group Lessons:

We have Year 5 group classes at Harris Academy Purley and Harris, Sutton. We
also have online classes for Year 5. The Year 5 classes run on all days of the week
and weekends.
Year 5 group lessons are taught by Mrs Pillai and her senior members of staff.

Classes are held in groups of 12 – 15 students who are split into groups based on
their levels of abilities. Weekly lessons will last 2 hours. There will be additional
lessons held in half-terms and holidays which will not be mandatory. There are other
optional classes like paper classes and support classes, verbal and non-verbal
reasoning classes that take place every week. There will also be additional lessons
held in half-terms and holidays which will not be mandatory. Brief feedback can be
given after every weekly lesson but detailed feedback is given once a month.

Fees are £27 per hour, £54 per 2 hour session. Fees are payable monthly in
advance by bank transfer or using childcare vouchers as we are OFSTED
There is an additional monthly fee of £25.99 per month for the detailed marking and
feedback of creative writing or comprehension. This is paid as a PayPal subscription
using a discount code to
Classes commence from September of the start of the academic year and run
through half-terms and school holidays. Year 5 groups will only get Christmas and
New Year and a week over Easter off.
The syllabus will cover level 5 to level 6 of KS2 in English and Maths from
September to May. From then on, to the exams, the students will be taken to level 7
of KS3.
Homework is set through Dropbox by email after every session. Year 5 students can
expect to receive homework that will take them an hour a day, 5 days a week to
complete. This will include Maths, a writing task and/or comprehension every week.
From May of the academic year to the exams, homework will include practice
The groups will have term-exams at the end of each term. Face to face and online
Mock exams will be held at the end of each month from April to September of the
academic year. Results and detailed feedback are given after every exam by email.